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Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman
Missing since 12-30-1999 from Welch, OK.
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On December 29, 1999, high school friends Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman spent the evening together celebrating Ashley's sixteenth birthday. Lauria received permission from her parents to spend the night at Ashley's home. Earlier that day, the girls had spent time at a local pizza restaurant with Ashley's mother Kathy.

At approximately 5:30 am on December 30, 1999, a passerby called 9-1-1 reporting that the Freeman home was engulfed in flames. Law enforcement determined the fire had been an arson. Inside the home, the charred remains of Kathy were discovered lying in the water bed in her bedroom; she had been shot in the head. Initially, no other remains were located, leading local law enforcement to believe Danny Freeman, Ashley's father, had killed his wife and fled with both girls. Lauria's parked car was in the driveway of the home with the keys in the ignition.

On December 31, Lauria's parents, Lorene and Jay, returned to the scene hoping to find additional clues law enforcement may have missed. While walking around the rubble, they discovered what appeared to be another body and called police. The second body was determined to be that of Danny; like his wife, he had also been shot in the head. Following this discovery, the scene was reexamined, but no sign of Lauria or Ashley was found. In 2010, the Freeman family initiated court proceedings to have Ashley declared legally dead.


Lauria Jaylene Bible

Born April 18th, 1983


Ashley Renae Freeman

Born December 29th, 1983


(SUNDAY JUNE 2 9P ET/PT) Crime author and investigator Jax Miller and former police investigator Sarah Cailean have been intrepidly researching the confounding case of Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman, two teenagers who disappeared in December 1999, after the Freeman family trailer was burned to the ground. 

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